Lewis & Brangwyn

Conservation in Lincolnshire

At Lewis & Brangwyn we believe that the conservation of an object requires a certain holistic approach. It is a wholly different technique to restoration.

The process involves a complete evaluation of the object from which a condition report is generated. We consult with the client as to what degree of intervention is required. We believe that holding true to the art of conservation is mainly down to minimal intervention.

Conservators Who Care

A common course of action would be to consolidate the object as best as possible, whilst ensuring the techniques and materials used will not encourage further degradation. In the event a replacement or missing part is required to be undertaken, any such material used should not have a negative impact on the object nor should the repair be invisible, which is quite the opposite approach from that of restoration. This ensures the complete integrity of a conserved object.

Quite often with such a process, it will with inevitability ensure that the object will no longer retain its utilitarian function but will be sympathetically preserved for future generations.

We Pride Ourselves on our Expertise

We have in the past had the opportunity to offer these services to both Private collectors and worked within the Museum and Public Collections environment. As with all the services we offer, conservation is undertaken with the highest degree of expertise and craftsmanship whilst ensuring the interests of the object are paramount.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about our conservators and the process that they can provide for you, please give us call on the number above. Alternately, you can send your antique conservation specifications using the handy Contact Form and we will be happy to discuss your needs.