Lewis & Brangwyn

Upholstery in Lincolnshire

At Lewis & Brangwyn our historical knowledge and expertise as to traditional upholstery is exemplary. On smaller projects such as chairs, techniques such as pin stuffs stuff-overs are generally carried out in our own workshops. Larger projects such as armchairs or chaise-longue are often put out to our upholstery partners who work to the same degree of excellence as we do.

Sympathetic Restoration with Traditional Techniques

We will take down the old upholstery and carry out sympathetic repairs to seating frames and then replace the platform (webbing/springs) and re-use many of the original elements of the original upholstery such as the horse-hair, thereby retaining as much of the original as possible.

We then recover the seating with material selected by the client. We are also able to give advice as to the appropriate coverings for the period of the object and where they can be obtained. All the upholstery projects are finished with the appropriate, gimp, braid or nails.

Upholstery Conservation

We also offer conservation upholstery techniques, which ensure minimal damage to seating frames whilst retaining the overall aesthetic of a conserved object. We can also make up squab cushions for cane-seated furniture, which ensures greater longevity of the cane seating.

As with all our services, upholstery projects are carried out with all the attention to detail, aesthetic appeal and excellence that our clientele have become accustomed to.

How Can We Help You?

Whatever your upholstery requirements, whether it's repairs or conservation please do not hesitate to call us. Phone us directly on the number found at top of this website, or send an email using our Contact Form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.